Disciplined, honest, motivated, and committed with strong work ethic and ability to push myself, both mentally and physically on and off the court.

  • Age: 17 |  H: 6′3

  • Began playing tennis at age 9

  • Attends Northview High School (Class of 2022) 

  • Plays First Single 

  • Captain of the high school varsity tennis team 

  • USTA member (Midwest section | Northeast district) 

  • NLL Finalist; 2nd in NLL (Northern Lake League - Ohio) 

  • Idols: Rafael Nadal & Roger Federer

  • Speaks English | studying French 

  • Other Sports: Pickleball, table tennis, basketball, and golf

  • Music Instruments: Piano and Viola

  • Hobbies: Drawing and singing

  • Harmony Road, Orchestra, Acapella Choir

  • Blessed with an innovative caring father and an incredible talented and caring mother. 


Season 2021 Record


14-2 (first singles)

    18-4 (invitationals)